Past Life Regression Psychic Reading

Learning about Past Lives for Healing

The funny thing is, past life regression is probably one of the most well-documented healing modalities in the world for trauma relief and overcoming issues that many people find challenging for years or decades, and yet, it’s still pretty widely not understood by the mainstream.Find more information in the Past life regression psychic reading.
Even if you don’t understand in past lives, it’s pretty difficult to argue that people who have a past life regression done, and come away from experience feeling like they have overcome some life long issue, or challenge, or insecurity, or phobia it’s hard to say it’s not a positive thing, right?
I’ve personally witnessed the transformative effects of a past life regression experience firsthand on many occasions, both in my personal life, as well as in peers, and our readers, and many other people who I speak to in the psychic or paranormal universe. (some of which, by the way, do not believe in reincarnation, but do believe that the past life regression experience itself is so incredibly healing, that they recommend it to everyone who needs to overcome a fear or phobia)
As a general rule, past life regression is not the same as a past life psychic reading, or talking to a clairvoyant, medium or intuitive about who you may have been in a previous life.

As a matter of fact, almost all regression therapists use some form of hypnosis to facilitate the session, and most psychics or mediums do not do hypnosis or anything similar, during a traditional reading.
You should always make sure the regression therapist you choose is licensed and is well credentialed, and it’s important NOT just to pick someone who sounds like they have a good grasp of new age terminology and has an excellent reputation for therapeutic work to back it up! (Remember, hypnosis is 100% safe, but you do want to make sure you are comfortable with the person who is performing it, and you certainly want to ensure anyone who is mining your memories has good intentions and high integrity)
Most regression therapy is done in multiple sessions as well. You should expect to see someone 2-5 times, and this is to further flesh out and detail both your memories and the significance they have for you in this life, as well as your past, and future spiritual growth, development, and insights as well.
By using hypnosis to unlock the memories of those past lives that are stored in your subconscious, you can learn how they are affecting you today. In fact, past life therapy can help you figure out why certain aspects of your life are so challenging.
Let’s say that you are terrified of fire, but you have no idea where the phobia came from. All you know is that you’re afraid of sitting around a campfire or even going to a friend’s barbecue for fear that a massive blaze is going to break out.
By doing a past life regression, you may discover that you died in a house fire in a previous life. You may not consciously remember it, but your subconscious does – which is why you have the fear today. Once you know what’s causing your anxiety, you can work through it.
On the other hand, readings are when a skilled reader can see into the past and delve into your preceding lives and then relate information back to you. People often prefer past life readings over past life regressions as they do not like the thought of being hypnotized or cannot be hypnotized. Readings are more attractive to individuals who prefer less subjective experiences that the regressions provide.
Details seen by the reader will vary depending on the strength of the reader’s gifts. Some will have blurred visions that will take some interpretation, and some will get very precise results almost as if they were watching a video. But no matter how the reader sees the previous life, it is important for you and the reader to establish the emotional significance of your findings.You may have a feeling of unhappiness but don’t know why, wondering why money always causes you problems, why you are unlucky in love. These issues could all be linked back to your previous lives.
As with most Psychic skills, you need to spend the time finding, skilled Psychic Readers Nearby Me who will be able to give you accurate readings and will help you solve your problems. Word of mouth is a great way of finding a good reader or using a reputable company who have a good standing in the psychic world.
If you want to know about your previous lives and are unsure about the techniques used in regression, then you should contact a reader to look back at your history. One of the benefits is that as you do not have to be regressed, you can have the readings performed over the